How it Works

easyFootball is all about simplicity and making life easier for both casual and regular footballers. All you need to do is to check our Games Calendar, once you decide on a session that suits your time, just RSVP and book your place on our Meetup Group.

You don’t have to worry about anything else. We do the rest; we hire the pitch, invite other players to join the game, provide the balls and even equip you with coloured team bibs.

We use to organise our calendar and games, it is very safe and straightforward to use. In order to RSVP for  a game; you need to have a Meetup account. You can create a new account for free or just login with your Facebook account; whichever way that suits you.

If you cannot find a game session that is close to you or that suits your time, you can always suggest a new game slot or a new venue. We would love to hear from you, so check our Suggestions & Ideas page and write to us.

You can also become part of the team and host our games or your own game, check out Join our Team page for more details.